swissmiss | The Evolution of the Hyperlink

The NYTimes recently introduced a new feature that allows users to link to and highlight individual sentences and paragraphs in its web stories. I am impressed!

I agree with Courtney Boyd Myers: While it could be a tad complicated for an average reader, it’s a great tool for writers and bloggers who frequently link to NYTimes stories.

Here’s how it works. Take the base URL:

To link to a specific paragraph, simply add a “#” and the number of the paragraph, e.g.:

To go a step deeper and skip to a particular sentence, try e.g.:

And where it gets really gets cool: To highlight that section, simply switch the p to an h. e.g.:

To simplify things, if you hit your shift key twice on a Times story, small icons appear next to every paragraph. Click on one of them and it’ll place the paragraph linked URL up in the address bar of your browser.

Read the full article over on TheNextWeb: The New York Times Introduces The Evolution of the Hyperlink, by Courtney Boyd Myers.

Hopefully more sites will adopt this feature. Hat tip, NYTimes!

(via @davidbauer)


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