The Most Interesting Man Once Threw a Party So Exclusive Even He Wasn’t There

BY Austin Carr Thu Jul 22, 2010

You know who he is. Right now, he’s probably luging Mount Everest or quail hunting in Tunisia. He is the only man alive able to tweet 141 characters. Once, he saw a quadruple rainbow and hiked on, unimpressed. He is…The Most Interesting Man in the World. And last night, he threw a party.

As legend has it, the Dos Equis frontman “jettisoned his belongings” after his personal aircraft malfunctioned during a “routine circumnavigation of the world.” Of course, it is “well known that the Most Interesting Man is a collector of priceless artifacts,” and these items must be found. Called the Most Interesting Cargo Hunt, the Dos Equis-sponsored event was based entirely around this story, and like his perfectly crafted lines, every detail of the gathering was fine-tuned. It serves as an innovative example of how viral marketing has legs beyond social media and other traditional avenues.

Let’s start with the invitation:

Perfect. Even if you were not invited to the event, the invitation itself doesn’t require context–it’s awesome in its own right. “If you’re anything like me, you undoubtedly have a jai alai tournament, embassy party, and swimsuit competition to judge,” his message reads. Dos Equis should seriously consider starting a newsletter–just receiving a message in my inbox “from the desk of the Most Interesting Man in the World” makes me start to question the Old Spice man’s panache and prowess. (more…)


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