Wired’s iPad Edition: An advertising #fail?

Hill Holiday Blog | by Mike Proulx | May 26th, 2010

After delays due to the iPad’s lack of support for flash, Wired’s highly anticiapted premiere edition for the apple tablet device made its way to the iTune’s app store at midnight last night. This morning I eagerly awaited as the Wired application downloaded and was met with thrill, as I launched it for the first time,  looking at and touching the Toy Story 3 “cover page’s” striking vividness and clarity.

The iPad Designed Ads (in order of appearance)

  1. Fidelity’s ad took advantage of layers so as you tap various thumnails you get more info on “Fidelity Innovations”
  2. HBO’s True Blood used 3 “pages” that scrolled vertically with one of them being an interactive photo gallery of shots from the show.
  3. Lea & Perrins used layers to discuss the different ingredients of their famous worcestershire sauce.
  4. Continental Airlines leveraged the iPad’s rotation feature to tease a different message upon rotate.
  5. Heineken also used the rotation feature (I liked theirs better).
  6. And finally GE featured an interactive 360 rotation of of the human heart to showcase its HD CT scanner. Love that they leveraged an HD interactive experience for an HD product. (more…)

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