Heineken Continues Marketing Platform for Iconic Brand With Edgier, More Daring Creative

WHITE PLAINS, NY–(Marketwire – March 17, 2010) –  Heineken USA this week introduced new advertising creative for its iconic Heineken Lager brand with the airing of the first in a series of provocative new ads that showcase opportunities of the Heineken drinker having the courage to step up and seize the moment. The entertaining spots, by Heineken’s new advertising agency Euro RSCG, showcase the guts and optimism needed to capitalize on an extraordinary opportunity, as well as inspiring consumers to ‘give themselves a good name’ with a better, more upscale beer.

“Everyone can relate to a time in their lives when they took a chance and put themselves out there — the time you found the courage to ask that gorgeous woman out on a date, crashed a VIP party or found yourself backstage with the band,” said Christian McMahan, chief marketing officer of Heineken USA. “Heineken plays the role of wing-man in our consumers’ adventures as they seize these defining once-in-a-lifetime opportunities — or make every day momentous.”

Award-winning music video and film director Mark Romanek directed the new television ads and integrated his progressive style to the mix. The first TV spot — “Boss’s Daughter” — debuted Saturday, March 13 during NCAA basketball’s conference championship weekend.

“Boss’s Daughter”
The story opens at a bar where co-workers are gathering for after-work drinks when their boss makes an intimidating entrance with his beautiful daughter. The boss introduces his daughter — and then turns away to take a phone call, leaving her alone with the group. Recognizing his opportunity, our hero seizes the moment and orders two bottles of Heineken from the bartender: One for him and one for the daughter. Go to www.youtube.com/heinekenusa to view the ad. (more…)


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