Social Media Explosion: Americans are Redefining Their Lives Online and Offline With Social Media Tools

Euro RSCG Social Media Study Explores Profound Shifts in How Consumers Are Changing the Retail Experience, Connecting With Family and Friends, and Actively Participating in Political and Humanitarian Issues

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 — PRNewswire

Americans have dramatically integrated social networking tools into their lives. Euro RSCG Worldwide, one of the world’s leading advertising and marketing agency networks, conducted a study on how people use the ever-changing options in social and online media available today. According to the study, their world is expanding and narrowing at the same time because of social media’s hyperlocalization quotient. And “cyberdisinhibition” — being more willing to behave online in ways they wouldn’t in person — has both emboldened users and led them to inappropriate behavior.

“Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing tool; what social media has done is dramatically increase the scale, velocity and immediacy with which people can influence each other and create the biggest revolution to hit our industry since television,” said David Jones, global CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide. “One of the interesting findings of the study is that it’s the combination of online and offline experiences that creates the biggest impact.” (more…)


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